You Are the Heart of Our Law Firm

On a recent Saturday afternoon, I cuddled up with a hot cup of chocolate  (marshmallows included) to read newly published 5-star client reviews on Google. My heart swelled with pride, joy and immense gratitude. Heartfelt appreciation for the beautiful and candid articulation of your experiences working with Sara Horowitz PA, which meaningfully serves as a resource for others to understand how family law matters are navigated and resolved. 

These testimonials assist others in your shoes to help them make informed decisions about their own circumstances and choosing a law firm to represent them. The impact of your courage and kindness must be emphasized, lauded and applauded; you give hope and comfort to many. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for these outstanding reviews and testimonials!

While no two cases are exactly the same, these thoughtful and detailed reviews help illustrate the type of successful, client-focused legal services people can expect to receive from Sara Horowitz PA. 

Valentine’s Day is more than roses, heart-shaped chocolates and romantic Hallmark cards. Countless clients have expressed to me their relief and happiness when their divorce case was settled. Being divorced can be a time for tremendous growth, professional advancement, successful new relationships and positive experiences. 

As a collaboratively trained attorney, my goal is to find solutions that give couples more control over the outcome of their divorce; takes the entire family into account; and is less expensive, less stressful and more efficient than a litigated divorce.

At Sara Horowitz PA, we are mindful that certain holidays can be difficult, especially if you are going through a challenging time. We like to reframe and expand upon the idea of Valentine’s Day and “love” in the following fashion:

  • Love of children
  • Love of pets
  • Love of family
  • Love of friends
  • Love of a career (and clients!)
  • Love for the possibility of a new life

Sara Horowitz PA aims to provide hope and healing in family law-related matters. I serve the South Florida community with representation and advice that is fueled by compassion, collaboration and meeting my clients’ needs. 

Email or call 954-300-1602 for a no-obligation consultation.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!