Our Values

I was raised in South Florida and have lived here practically my entire life.  I fell in love with the law during my undergraduate tenure at the University of Florida, where I discovered that through the practice of law, I can truly help others and guide them through transitional times in their lives.  I believe in the power of compassion and communication to help couples weather divorce, adoption, and other family law issues.Sara Horowitz

Decrease trauma, increase stability, and provide families with sustainable tools for the future.  These are achievable goals.   At Sara Horowitz PA, we listen.  We communicate.  We follow through.  There is no one-size-fits-all model for handling Family Law matters.  Our guiding principle and value-based approach is to know and understand your needs, objectives, rights, and responsibilities. 

As collaborative professionals we are trained to allow the clients themselves to brainstorm options, rather than having options presented by the professionals.  We are always here to problem-solve and craft a blueprint that works well for you and by extension, your family. 

The traditional Family Law model often fails to meet the needs of clients.  The traditional litigation model in Family Law is that of two opposing parties, represented by attorneys who zealously represent the interest of their respective clients before an impartial judge.  However, this approach polarizes the parties and teaches them to oppose each other and to turn to a third-party for a binding decision.

At Sara Horowitz PA, we recognize that the traditional adversarial model of Family Law litigation can leave families broken and traumatized for years following the conclusion of a case.  Families are frequently in the best position to make decisions regarding their own lives. There has been a steady recognition throughout the last two decades that the traditional litigation model for divorce is not the best model for cases involving family members. 

Collaborative lawyers are still advocates, not neutrals, but we learn constructive, family-friendly methods of helping clients advocate and prioritize their needs in a respectful manner, which in turn helps the entire family.  This resolution-oriented, respectful process has a number of advantages particularly when compared to litigation.  For example:

  • Reduced financial and emotional costs
  • Increased decision-making by the client
  • Privacy
  • Opportunity to insulate children from negative aspects of the process
  • Expedited timeline
  • Better future communication and coparenting
  • Easier for spouses to move on in their lives
  • Less post-judgment issues

As a collaborative lawyer, I am fully engaged in assisting clients to resolve issues in a constructive, cooperative manner which is necessary for the parties to co-parent or cooperate with each other once their dispute is resolved.  The collaborative process teaches people to identify issues and work toward a resolution that is mutually acceptable to each person and that respects the needs of all people who are impacted by the decision.

As my client, you’ll have a safe, supportive environment to make decisions; a complete understanding of your legal rights and options; a transparent process; and clarity on all legal fees.  The goal is to work together as a team to resolve your disagreements and come up with a resolution that works for you and your family.

My law firm, Sara Horowitz PA, places a heavy emphasis on client relationships, and we strongly believe that providing excellent and competent legal services includes lending an empathetic ear to allow clients to “be heard” in a safe and confidential forum.

Every divorce or adoption has financial, emotional, economic, and legal issues that need to be effectively and efficiently addressed.  In the spirit of cooperation, I find creative solutions that are right for each client’s unique situation.  A peaceful, successful resolution of your family law matter is not only possible but probable. 

If these values sound like they could benefit you and your legal situation, please contact Sara Horowitz PA anytime at 954-300-1602.  You may also email us at sara@horowitzlawpa.com