People typically reach out to a family law attorney because they are going through a challenging moment in their lives. Sara’s passion for the law, combined with the empathy and respect that she has for her clients, have generated positive results. Sara was fortunate enough to have been able to help these clients in the past.  The following are testimonials from actual clients whom Sara has assisted in the past.

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Divorce is a very difficult process but when you have to go through it then it’s important to find an attorney that is not only compassionate and caring but keeps you level headed and explains every step of the process..this is how Ms. Horowits was with my divorce. She explained everything in terms that I could understand and gave me good advice knowing that the end goal was to have a quick divorce. When ever I had questions she was very detailed and thorough. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great divorce attorney but also who is looking for an attorney who is caring and has your best interest in mind. I told her often that she made the divorce process simple and took the fear out of it all.


Ms. Horowitz and her associates did a great job handling my divorce. She was attentive and made the entire process go smoothly. She also escorted me to my court hearing. I would definitely recommend her.


I worked with Sara for my step sons adoption and overall the process was very smooth and effortless. Sara was professional and I would highly recommend her .


Sara is very thorough and professional. She was very responsive when I had doubts and was very knowledgeable. I recommend her services.


Sara is realistic and extremely helpful. Going through a divorce (let along a highly contested one) was something I NEVER fathomed. I was so glad to have Sara on my side guiding me.




Working with Sara took a lot of stress off of me. She is knowledgeable, professional, and explained things clearly.