Unpacking the Implications of the Alabama Supreme Court Ruling

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled on Feb. 16 that frozen embryos are children after three couples sued a fertility clinic for wrongful death when a patient accessed the Mobile, Alabama freezer the embryos were in and dropped them.  The court determined in LePage v. Mobile Infirmary Clinic that the clinic’s failure to secure the storage area violated the state’s Wrongful Death Act because the frozen embryos were considered human beings.

Modern fertility treatments cannot continue in Alabama because of the legal risk to physicians and patients.  Fertility clinics there have paused in-vitro fertilization, commonly called IVF.  IVF is a popular pathway to parenthood for many singles and couples, so this ruling sent shockwaves across the country.  Critics of the ruling worry it has created a roadmap for groups and legislators around the U.S. who wish to nullify fertility treatments. 

For the moment, the legal ramifications for IVF only affect Alabama yet some legal scholars believe additional states will follow.  For example, Florida could adopt “personhood” statutes that say life, and rights, begin at conception.  The U.S. Supreme Court is unlikely to review the Alabama decision because it doesn’t include an interpretation of the U.S. Constitution or federal law. 

I have received many calls and emails after Alabama held that embryos are children.  Singles and couples want answers on how they can successfully start or expand their families.  IVF is an option for those who want children, and it can be used to avoid genetic diseases as well as employed by same-sex couples, or individuals who want children.  Cancer patients and survivors also rely on IVF to build families after treatment. 

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