Find More Fun: Happy National Family Fun Month

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” – Mary Poppins  

Fun is an action you can take practically anywhere, anytime.  The magical mixture of playfulness and connection with loved ones is vital to our mental and physical prosperity.  August brings us National Family Fun Month, which is the perfect reminder to enjoy some carefree time with kids, partners, spouses, and loved ones.  Create cherished memories and savor summertime fun. 

Think of family fun as embracing passions, curiosities, positivity, gratitude, enthusiasm, and a love of learning.  Revitalizing the value of fun and making having fun a habitual and authentic part of your daily life may be the key to personal and professional success.  

Sir Richard Branson remarked, “Fun is one of the most important – and underrated – ingredients in any successful venture.”  Fun unleashes creativity and channels energy in productive ways.  There’s also sometimes a suspension of fear and doubt when you’re having fun, which lends itself to lots of creative problem-solving.  

The physical and cognitive benefits of fun are plentiful:  Far from being frivolous, fun is critical to our well-being, and studies show that we should have more of it.  Through scientific research, we know fun is enormously fulfilling and beneficial to our physical and psychological health.  

Each family has unique ways to promote family fun, including dedicated family time, activities that inspire imagination, interactive or athletic family play, or splashing around in the pool together.   

Our family was fortunate to have a beautiful, big city adventure in the Big Apple this August, skipping through bucolic neighborhoods, seeing sensational skyscrapers from Top of the Rock, and partaking in live rides at Peloton Studios New York, which was a dream come true as I have been using the Peloton bike at home since 2019 and looked forward to meeting the instructors who motivate me daily live in studio.  The pop-up Malibu Barbie Restaurant was a huge hit for our Barbie-loving girls along with visiting iconic FAO Schwarz.  

Fun is healthy, flourishing, and productive.  Fun provides a deeper sense of purpose.  For anyone going through a separation, divorce, considering adoption or those in the process of adopting, National Family Fun Month serves as a reminder to prioritize quality time with loved ones and engage in enjoyable activities.   

At Sara Horowitz PA, we believe that whenever possible, you should give yourself the grace to have fun.  Being able to engage in the process of fun will provide you with more insight, introspection, and place you in a better position to make informed decisions about your future that serves you and your family’s best interests.   

My wish for you is to have a fun-filled August with laughter, adventure, and happiness! 

Sara Horowitz PA

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