Transformative and team-centric, the 12th Annual Conference for the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals from April 18 – 20, 2024 features a dynamic group of judges, lawyers, mediators, financial planners, and psychologists. FACP is Florida’s statewide organization of lawyers, financial, and mental health professionals whose mission is to guide families to peaceful divorce using the Collaborative Divorce Process. All the pieces matter: Get the most out of your collaborative team at the upcoming Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals Conference!

Taking place at the Boca Raton Marriott at Boca Center, I am thrilled to be a presenter alongside Elizabeth Edwards, Esq. at the FACP’s upcoming conference. Our panel “Piecing Professionals Together” will address the importance of piecing the right professionals together when commencing a case. In this workshop, we will discuss how to determine which allied professional may be helpful, how to research professionals in your community, how relationship building amongst professionals is paramount, develop long-lasting working relationships, and create long-term case success. We look forward to the opportunity to share legal insights and pop culture-themed case studies that can help build a better collaborative law future.

Collaborative divorce employs communication skills and legal strategies to create win-win situations for divorcing couples and their children, at a fraction of the cost in a shorter amount of time than a litigated divorce. Both spouses are represented by an attorney but the spouses to a collaborative divorce agree to work together respectfully, honestly, and in good faith to try to reach a mutually agreeable settlement, without going to court.

Fostering a multidisciplinary approach to divorce, FACP professionals bring a sense of peace to the process. Success is achieved when different professionals come together to help people divorce differently and formulate agreements that focus on their individual as well as mutual goals. Through a legal, financial, mental health, and ethics lens, collaborative divorce creates out of court solutions, preserves relationships, and protects privacy.

Practicing family law for over a decade has taught me that problem-solving and effective negotiation by employing an array of professionals produce better results than a trial in the majority of divorce cases. Resolving conflict in an amicable way is the path forward to embrace a new tomorrow.

At Sara Horowitz PA, clients experience a full range of customized support that may bring together experienced professionals from the fields of law, mediation, psychology, and finance to design a unique resolution that meets their goals and protects their interests.

This is also the aim of the FACP, namely, to cultivate a network and foster a community that takes a “teamwork makes the dream work” approach to resolving conflict that keeps the clients in control of their future and maintains what is most important: family, finances, and emotional health. The case is compelling for collaborative divorce: Legal, financial, and mental health professionals use a method to help people restructure their lives with as much dignity, respect, confidentiality, and privacy as possible.

At Sara Horowitz PA, we help clients embrace a new tomorrow through the collaborative divorce process. Whether you are a conference presenter, sponsor or attendee, I look forward to hearing from you! Please say hello at the event or contact me via email, telephone or fill out this form.

I will be updating this blog space to have a safe space post-conference for everyone to peruse information and read presentation materials that embraces our collective vision for the collaborative divorce process.