Do I Need a Florida Family Law Attorney?

“Could collaborative divorce work for my separation situation?” “I might want to foster or adopt a child but how do I begin the process?” These are questions we frequently hear at Sara Horowitz PA when people are thinking about making a major life decision that affects their family.

The main objective of family law is to provide legal mechanisms for resolving disputes and building relationships between family members. At its core, family law involves contract negotiations, prenuptial agreements, dissolution of marriage, collaborative divorce, uncontested divorce, equitable distribution, timesharing, parenting plans, alimony, spousal support, alternative dispute resolution, name changes, foster care, adoption, and more.

Your family’s legal strategy regarding divorce and adoption must serve your unique goals and needs. Sara Horowitz PA was founded on a belief that we can play a vital role in helping people navigate the more poignant periods of their lives using our legal expertise and empathy. We always give our clients the answers they need in order to move forward.

Sir Francis Bacon was on the mark when he remarked, “Knowledge is power.” Even if the renowned scientist and philosopher wasn’t specifically talking about family law, the more information you are armed with, the more nuanced and complete solutions that are available to you. Knowing your rights is critically important in all family law matters.

If you find yourself asking any of the following questions, we would be honored to hear from you and discuss your situation. With answers to these and other related questions, you can protect yourself and your loved ones, and be empowered to meet the future with confidence.

  1. I am thinking about getting married. What are the property interests and obligations that I should be aware of?
  2. Should I have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in place? Does Florida allow for these contracts? Are they legally binding? What should I include in the agreement?
  3. How can a lawyer assist me in negotiating, drafting, and finalizing agreements related to divorce? 
  4. How is division of marital property, child timesharing and support, and spousal support/maintenance handled in a collaborative divorce?
  5. How is the collaborative divorce process different from the traditional divorce process?
  6. Can I keep decision-making power for medical care, schooling or religious upbringing and observance of my minor children?
  7. I heard a collaborative approach can set up splitting couples for long-term cooperative success because collaborative divorce is less adversarial, faster, and more economical. I want a divorce with the hope of working through the separation and dissolution of marriage with my ex in a cooperative and non-combative way but I don’t know if my ex will be on board. How can a family law attorney help bridge that gap?
  8. How do I adopt my foster or stepchild? What is the process? How long does it typically take?
  9. How is timesharing of our children divided among parents who are divorced and/or no longer living together? Can my child spend every night with me?
  10. My child’s father and I just broke up and we were never married. How do I get child support?  What does this process look like and what does it entail?

When you talk to your family lawyer, you should feel seen, heard, and understood every step of the way. Your lawyer is the one person who is on your side to represent your best interests and has the legal expertise to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Family law matters can be complex but success is made that much more possible when you involve the services of an experienced family law attorney. If you have contemplated any of the above scenarios, please call 954-300-1602 or email to discuss the best path forward.

There is no predicting when an important legal matter will arise but it is always a good idea to consult an attorney. Should you need the legal advice and sound counsel of someone in your area who can start problem-solving, we are merely a phone call or email away. Schedule a free, confidential case consultation with Sara Horowitz PA. We happily offer telephone, virtual or in-person consultations in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.