Legal Consulting

With more than a decade of experience in Family Law, Sara Horowitz PA offers legal consulting services to other attorneys and law firms in Florida.  She provides expert, efficient and cost-effective services for all types of Family Law cases.  

Sara understands firsthand the highly technical and time-consuming process of litigation.  As a result, other law firms and lawyers retain her expertise to assist in a variety of areas. 

It is frequently not desirable for other Family Law firms to handle everything internally.  As a result, those firms realize significant efficiencies by outsourcing to another lawyer who serves as a litigation support partner.

In the spirit of collaboration, if you need in-person or virtual assistance with a Family Law case or project, Sara would be glad to assist with the following: 

  • Legal document drafting, including but not limited to pleadings, motions, affidavits and memorandums of law 
  • Discovery: Identifying, collecting, processing, reviewing, analyzing and producing relevant documents for discovery
  • Research
  • Collaborating/brainstorming sessions on mediation, arbitration and litigation matters

Sara prides herself on collaborating with attorneys to significantly help them on high volume, active and litigation-heavy caseloads.  For many trial lawyers and solo practitioners, it is critically important to have the support services of a fellow attorney to productively and meaningfully create and shape cases. 

It takes a village to successfully practice Family Law, and Sara is an experienced, dedicated, conscientious and organized taskmaster.  She regularly conducts behind-the-scenes work so that other attorneys can focus on trials. 

Contact Sara today to see how she can beneficially support your legal team!