Fostering a Supportive Foster Care Adoption Process 

Foster care adoptions can provide stability, wellbeing, and joy for both parents and children alike.  It is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling ways to change children’s lives and enrich the life of the adoptive parent or family that welcomes them in. 

At Sara Horowitz PA, we strive to ensure foster care adoptions go as smoothly as possible since the adoption of the foster child you already know and love is an emotional, enriching experience.  When foster parents to minor children decide they would like to make their arrangements permanent and file for formal adoption, our family law firm explores every option and outcome so you can make empowering decisions about your family’s future.

A principal reason I practice family law is because I understand the unique needs and challenges of foster parent adoptions. Given my previous experience and work as an attorney for the Guardian ad Litem Program and subsequently, a prosecutor of dependency and termination of parental rights actions, one of my proudest, most rewarding cases involved representing a foster parent and her husband who were unable to have biological children. (The couple had former foster children who they had become very close to but were eventually reunified with their biological parents.) I was able to help this couple adopt two foster children, and I am delighted to report this family continues to thrive.

If you are a foster parent who is considering adoption, or a prospective parent contemplating the adoption of a child in foster care, the Florida-based law firm of Sara Horowitz PA can help. We ensure you have met all Florida qualifications similar to those involved in becoming a foster parent in order to formally adopt a minor child.

We walk clients through the following steps and processes: 

  • eligibility requirements
  • educational classes
  • background checks
  • home inspections
  • finalization and filing of the Petition for Adoption
  • court orders
  • legal name change for the minor child
  • application for a new birth certificate

The need for foster care adoptions is significant. On average, there are 20,000 children in the Florida foster care system. The foster parent adoptions our firm handles arise through Chapter 39 of the Florida Statutes.

Foster care is a process when caregivers provide a temporary home for children whose parents cannot care for them. The ultimate goal of foster care is to reunite children with their biological families. However, that is not always possible.  As a result, foster parents may be given the chance to permanently adopt their foster children.

It is beneficial to employ the services of a family law attorney who is experienced in foster care adoptions.  We invite you to email or call 954-300-1602 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

If the opportunity comes along to adopt a foster child and make him or her a permanent part of your family, the law firm of Sara Horowitz PA is here to counsel you and represent your rights. We advocate on behalf of individuals and couples who are interested in moving from being foster parents to adoptive parents.

Our law firm has an unequaled depth and breadth of knowledge and a commitment to helping you execute your adoption plan. We approach foster care adoption issues with a caring, constructive, and solution-oriented mind. If you’re considering fostering a child or adoption, contact us to guide you through the process and ensure all legal requirements are met.

Our family law firm office is located in Coral Springs, Florida, and we serve clients throughout Broward and Palm Beach Counties, Florida. To learn about foster child adoptions, contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a consultation.