Uncontested Divorces Help Pave the Path to Independence, Peace, and Prosperity

The Fourth of July holiday conjures up images of freedom and independence. Clients who seek a divorce often discuss their desire for independence and to move forward with their lives as soon as possible. An uncontested divorce may be the right tool for that new beginning since the process is efficient and cost-effective. If you think an uncontested divorce might be a good fit for your situation, read the information below and contact me for an initial complimentary consultation. 

Each person’s marriage has a unique set of circumstances, and an attorney can help create a legally enforceable agreement that protects your rights should you want to end your marriage. In an uncontested divorce, my role is to ensure a smooth and timely process when preparing and filing all necessary documents on your behalf. 

At Sara Horowitz PA, we prepare and/or examine the proposed divorce agreement(s), defend your rights, ensure all aspects of the divorce have been addressed, and certify that court procedures are handled correctly. 

Florida law allows couples to dissolve their marriage through uncontested divorces. Once the terms are agreed upon, the spouses enter into a Marital Settlement Agreement, which includes a Parenting Plan if there are minor children involved, time-sharing schedules, division of assets and liabilities (equitable distribution), and attorney’s fees. Then, the Agreement is submitted to the court for approval before an entry of a final judgment dissolving the marriage.

In uncontested divorce cases, the couple is either already in agreement on property, finance, and childrearing issues or can come to an agreement through negotiation and/or mediation. In a collaborative divorce, collaboratively trained attorneys and typically neutral professionals, including a financial accountant and facilitator, help spouses problem-solve through option building, discussion, and cooperation.

Uncontested divorce and collaborative divorce offer distinct approaches to resolving marital dissolution but both aim for a workable solution to ending a marriage without having to go to court. No matter how straightforward your case may seem, there is always the potential for unexpected issues that can derail an agreement or leave you with an agreement that doesn’t work for your short- or long-term goals. As a result, it is imperative to hire a family lawyer to assist with your uncontested divorce case.

Sara Horowitz PA proudly represents clients in South Florida. For information about financial disclosures and other requirements in a Florida uncontested divorce case, kindly call (954) 300-1602 or email sara@horowitzlawpa.com. You are also welcome to send me a message through our online contact form.  Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and spectacular Independence Day!